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Health take all measures to limit and control the epidemic diarrhea (cholera)


Health take all measures to limit and control the epidemic diarrhea (cholera)

The Ministry of Health announced the emergence of cases of epidemic diarrhea (cholera) in Baghdad and some provinces during a press conference held by the Ministry of Health - Public Health Dierctorate at the ministry's headquarters, this was confirmed by Dr. Hassan Hadi Baqir, Director General of the Public Health Directorate, Dr. Hassan add that the number of cholera cases that have emerged was 12 cases, 9 cases in Najaf Governorate and a single case in the Abu Ghraib area and two cases in Yusufiyah area as the Ministry of Health has prepared a comprehensive plan to control and limit the spread of this disease and the participation of all relevant ministries, the ministry equipped l Emergency Units with intravenous fluids and necessary treatments , also he explained that the ministry laboratories are working 24 hours a day and a number of health teams went to areas where popping those cases to follow up on the situation of persons that appeared to have the condition and follow up the situation of close contacts and follow-up filter and water purification plants in those areas to make sure the safety of drinking water and draw citizens attention to personal hygiene and the use of oral sterilization of water to keep them healthy

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